Spam Filtering Features

mysharpitfilter utilizes a multi-layerd approach to span and anti-virus filtering. We'll give you a high level overview of the spam and anti-virus filtering as well as the major features of mysharpitfilter.

White / Black Lists

White and black lists give you an easy method to override the spam filter. You can white or blank list a specific email address on an entire domain. While it should not be necessary, you can add an unlimited number of white and black lists.

Realtime Black Lists (RBL)

RBL are lists of IP addresses known to send spam. mysharpitfilter uses a combination of both public and internally maintained RBL's.

Grey Listing

Grey listing is a highly effective spam filtering technique which defers an email address the first time that mysharpitfilter "sees" it. mysharpitfilter sends a "temporarily reject" status to the sending mail server. All standards compliant mail servers will automatically retry delivery, but most spammers will simply move on.

Once an address is accepted from grey listing mysharpitfilter will remember it for a rolling 72 hours. This insures that that the people that communicate with you most often will only be grey listed once. mysharpitfilter also learns "good" address for all the domain that it handles, benefiting all customers.

Recipient Callouts

mysharpitfilter learns valid recipients by querying your mail server. Valid recipients are cached to reduce queries to your mail server.

Content Analysis

Content analysis are the most complex algorithms within the mysharpitfilter system. Besides analyzing the subject and body of email messages the "headers" are also inspected. "Headers" are not normally visible in email, but are added by the sending mail server.

Product Features

Supported Mail Servers

mysharpitfilter has been developed to be fully independent of the clients mail infrastructure. mysharpitfilter supports any SMTP compliant mail server such as: Exchange, Zimbra, Postfix, Exim, qmail, Lotus, SmarterMail and many, many others.

Backup MX

With it's built in queuing mechanism mysharpitfilter is your automatic backup MX. If your mail server is down for any reason your mail will queue on the mysharpitfilter cluster. When your mail server is back on-line the mail will be automatically delivered to your server. Mail will queue on mysharpitfilter for up to 4 days.


We are here to help you. If you have any questions about your service we are here to help.

No Software to Install

mysharpitfilter is cloud based. There is nothing that you have to install within your infrastructure. You can be up and running within minutes of signing up.

Browser Based Administration

mysharpitfilter management is entirely browser based. Our interface is optimized so you can use your desktop computer, laptop or even your tablet or smart phone. If you have Internet access, you can manage your account.

Fully Redundant

Everything within the mysharpitfilter system is redundant. Filtering is handled by a cluster of servers. We have multiple network providers. Our data centers have UPS and generator power.

TLS Supported

mysharpitfilter fully supports the TLS protocol if your mail server has TLS enabled. If your mail server does not have TLS enabled mysharpitfilter will fall back to standard (insecure) protocols.

Admin Reporting

mysharpitfilter gives the admin a full set of reporting tools. You can search the mail deliver logs and the quarantine. You can look at various graphs and statistics for overall filtering performance. Administrators can generate on-demand protection reports in either HTML or PDF format.

Automatic Updates

mysharpitfilter automatically updates filtering rules, virus defintions and RBL's 24/7/365. The cluster also learns from emails released from the quarantine and email submitted as spam.